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Customer Service Centers

One of the global problems faced by companies that operate customer service centers is the high turnover rate of their representatives. Working with angry customers involves emotional stress enormous burnout and as a result, representatives in which the company invested weeks of intensive training leave or move to competitors after less than a year of work.

The methods for companies dealing with this phenomenon are diverse. One of the most effective ways of strengthening the link between company representatives, creating solidarity and loyalty, and consequently reducing the burnout rate is by improving the work environment and investing in implementation of branding of the customer service centers. One interesting and unusual project upon which we embarked at Studio Michal Rosen is the implementation of branding of the Pelephone customer service centers in the spirit of the advertising campaign, “Another World.” The project was implemented in collaboration with the designer of the Pelephone home office, Ronen Kedem.

In customer service centers that also accept public visits are faced with the challenge of creating a pleasant service experience and customer support. In this spirit, the Studio planned the customer service center of HP where the open and concave counter for customers was designed with a combination of red, orange, pink and banana yellow in order to create a warm and inviting feeling.