Michal Rosen

Michal Rosen is an interior designer with a B.Sc.TE  from Tel Aviv University in 1992. The actual classes took place at the Institute for  Technological Education in Holon, today known as HIT. Since 1995, Michal has owned the Studio Michal Rosen for interior design.  She works with companies in all fields on everything related to offices and clinic design, and is a specialist in implementation of work  environment branding.

On more personal tone, where should I start? The love for design and aesthetics appeared in me at a young age. As a teenager I loved  flowers and wanted to be…an agriculturalist…and to hybridize the blue rose that to date, no one has been able to grow. In preparation I grew 60 rose bushes in our garden. After the army, I realized that growing flowers was severely lacking interpersonal interaction (i.e. someone to talk to) and I chose my other love – interior design. I completed my undergraduate studies in design and after working in several architectural firms for about three years, I started my own business. Very quickly I was drawn into the business sector, and towards the high energy of office design, and within a few years I became an expert in the field.

I love the combination of art, design and architectural and engineering planning that are integrated in interior design, and the constant interaction with people. The work as an interior designer is ever challenging and complex and my goal in every project is to obtain a full understanding of the client’s needs, aspirations and dreams with them to translate their vision into a functional, branded and beautiful office. At the design and planning stage, each time anew I discover creative solutions to the challenges that come up in every project: a pole in the middle of the room, a low budget, a low ceiling, a terrible view from a window… almost everything can be solved with creative thinking. The most enjoyable part of my job is to stand in the middle of the new offices at the end of a project and to just bask in the pleasure of my achievement.


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