Over the years, companies from many different fields have joined our clientele list. Some of them, such as the Maersk Line, Air France and KLM we have been advising for more than 10 years and they come back to us every time a change is necessary for their office design or if they are moving to new offices.

Read what our clients say about the quality of the design by Studio Michal Rosen, our attention to the budget demands, creativity and excellent service which are the principles that guide us with every client.

Our thanks for the design of Turkish Airlines offices in Israel



I wanted to thank you on my behalf and on behalf of the Turkish Airlines company for your design of our company’s offices in Israel.

We are very satisfied with the final design, which beautifully and fully accents the spirit of our company as the national airline of Turkey. The planning of our offices provided a solution for the comfort and welfare of our employees.

Thank you for the excellent service and rapid response we received from you and the studio team for each request and question. Your professional attitude and extensive knowledge contributed greatly toward us meeting our deadlines, dealing with the requirements of the company’s management in Turkey, and of course, the pleasant working atmosphere.

And, of course, you helped us to meet the budget set by the company’s international management and designed for us impressive offices as befits a leading European airline.

Thank you,
Seda Shelly Sadi
Sales Manager
Turkish Airlines
Israel Branch


Recommendation for Studio Michal Rosen


Let’s start with the bottom line: The first reaction of those who visit our office is “Wow!” The second is: “It’s such a fun and nice place to be.”
As a company in the field of design, we looked for a studio with an open mind that would think “outside the box” to create a unique and fun working environment for us. We certainly found it!
Michal Rosen and her team have done just that, with enthusiasm, and met all the goals we set at the beginning of the project: an office which would show creativity, transparency, quality and excellence, with careful attention to detail.
During the design process, we received unique ideas, rarely seen elsewhere. From air duct sleeves made of fabric, to structured magnetic panels and colored walls and flooring, to acoustic mattresses hanging from the ceiling in a special way. All of this, without compromising the functional aspects of acoustics, air, electricity and more.
Beyond the creative aspect, the work process was very organized and professional – planning documents, material specifications, guidance and supervision of contractors’ work. The combination of creative and unique ideas, with detailed and organized planning documents and thorough and accurate technical understanding, brought impressive results, with almost no changes in the plans.

Best regards,
Nitzan Avitouv
CEO, UXpert Inc.


Celltick Corporate Offices


 I would like to thank you for the successful project of renovating and redesigning our offices. The support and guidance throughout all phases of the project and the spectacular results we received in the end made the whole project very successful.
Beyond the aesthetic factor, the redesign indeed achieved the business objectives we had set for ourselves at the beginning: increasing the level of communication of people within different teams, including increasing collaboration and social cohesion between the people.

Thank you very much,
Ronen Daniel
CEO, Celltick Technologies

China Motors offices

blockquote_endDear Michal,

Subject: Thanks for planning and interior design of the China Motors offices

I would like to thank you for the interior design of our new offices in Lev Haaretz industrial Zone. The meticulous planning, attention to every detail, unique service, and of course the result – innovative and branded offices, which serve is an initial business card for our company – for all these things we send you our thanks.

With blessings,
Omer Zohar, CEOblockquote_start

Fineadmin offices

blockquote_endTo Whom It May Concern,

Re: Recommendation for Michal Rosen

I would like to talk about the consulting services of Michal Rosen for our clients, start-up companies for which FineAdmin provides administrative services. Michal has helped us several times by consulting with my clients during their transition to their new offices. The consultation included:  visiting the offices and advising regarding upgrading subdividion plans, using appropriate finishing materials, selecting colors, and decoration.

During one or two consultation visits, Michal helped to implement changes that made the difference in the offices’ look and created a fun and inviting work environment.

I warmly recommend the professional service with a smile that Michal provides to any start-up that is looking to make a change in their offices and adapt them to the spirit of the company and its messages.

Best regards,

Yifat Fine – CEO


blockquote_end Dear Mr. Rosen 

I wish to hereby express my appreciation for the professional design and planning you have done for Omrix offices at the Rockefeller center in Manhattan,NYC.

The planning was carried out to our satisfaction, while withstanding the tight schedule and maintaining the budget which was allocated for the project .

Thank you and best wishes,

Arnon Ben-David,

Director-strategic projects blockquote_start

Standardtextile offices

blockquote_endTo Whom it May Concern,

Re: Working with Michal Rosen (architecture and interior design)

We recently finished the project of moving the offices of the Finance Department of Arad Textile Industries Inc.(Heretofore – Arad) to a new address. In order to plan our new offices Arad called upon Michal Rosen, and asked her to design our new offices in the spirit and framework of branding Standardtextile Group which belongs to Arad.

The new offices are spread over 430 square meters and include offices for 14 employees and one combination showroom/conference room, plus support rooms (lavatories, kitchen, computer room, etc.).

The required office design included complete planning of the entire area (the area which we leased was just an empty shell) while demanding adequate attention to the branding symbols and the showroom for the company’s products.

Michal Rosen supervised all the planning stages and carried out all the procedures and performed to our full satisfaction including supervision during and after completion of the work, contact with suppliers of goods and supervision of the work, and tailoring it to the plans. At the end of the job we learned that the offices represent our brand values in an impressive manner and the final result was in line with our expectations of the project. I will note that aside from being impressive offices in their appearance, they are also very comfortable for working and one cannot avoid the emotions of our office staff about the considerable improvement in their feelings and comfort in the offices as planned by Michal.

In conclusion, I am happy to recommend the services of Michal and her staff wholeheartedly for interior design projects.


Doron Lichtenstein
Arad Textiel Industries Incblockquote_start

Raphael Levy Avshalom Law Offices


  1. We recently moved our office, Raphael Levy Avshalom Law Offices, to the Rehovot Science Park.
  2. Michal Rosen was responsible for the interior design.
  3. I requested that Michal design an office that would reflect the professionalism and excellent reputation we have built over the years. In addition, we wanted to take full advantage of each challenge in the structure in which we were about to settle.
  4. After entering our new building, we were delighted with the results and received compliments from our customers.
  5. We like Michal Rosen’s design; the atmosphere of the offices is respectable and professional, just as we wished.
  6. We thank Michal and her staff for their design and the impeccable service that we received, including a positive response to all questions and requests.
  7. Michal dealt with planning solutions for windowless rooms by combining appropriate lighting.
  8. The division of offices is efficient and utilizes the space well; we received a bright impressive office that matches our expectations and even exceeds them.

Sincerely,Raphael Levy Avshalom, Attorney blockquote_start

Y-tech offices 

blockquote_endRe: Interior Design Services for Y-tech Offices

I would like to thank Michal Rosen and her studio staff for the professional and dedicated service that I received in planning the Y-tech offices at Ofek Park.

Michal became involved in the consulting and planning from the point of negotiations on the property and assisted in determining the requirements for technical specifications and budget planning. The project started with offices that were only a shell and continued until they were occupied. The work included designing the division of the project into rooms, planning and coordination with consultants, publishing a detailed work plan and material selection and supervision which were conducted with the project manager. An additional planning stage included coordinating with and facilitating the graphic designer of the project in order to tailor the graphic messages to the interior design and the overall branding of Y-tech.

Michal and her staff performed all of this with great professionalism, dedication and efficiency throughout the course of the project which, due to various constraints, lasted longer than usual. I received an immediate response to any question or request I had and the professional design was tailored precisely to the requirements of the company. Thus, the offices we received are not only comfortable and cozy, but are also designed exactly for us!

 Thank you!

Best regards,
Tomer Schweitzer, CEO

Airport City offices

blockquote_endMichal Rosen served as an interior designer for several projects managed and carried out by us for a number of customers at Airport City, including Airport City’s management.

I would like to praise and thank her for the excellent service and professional attitude we received during the work, which included meeting deadlines during the planning stages, thorough work and attention to details, quick response to any question, and close monitoring of the implementation until the customers were satisfied.

We warmly recommend Michal Rosen as an interior designer.

Best regards,
Alon Pili
Chief Engineer blockquote_endblockquote_start

Interior design for hi-tech firm, Infinite Memory 

blockquote_endWe want to thank you for the work of professional planning and design you carried out for us. With a limited budget and a short amount of time, you were able to plan and design offices that look simply wonderful. The planning was creative and the adherence to budget and timelines was flawless. The service was excellent, as was your availability throughout the day.

You exhibited an impressive display of technical understanding and teamwork with the engineers and their guidelines for achieving the desired design. The unique design is also directed specifically towards the company’s field of business.

The result was spacious and comfortable offices with a design that bears your fingerprint.

Well done,
Rami Langer,CEO
Infinite Memory Ltd.blockquote_endblockquote_start

ACI International Forwarding Company

blockquote_end Approximately three months ago, Michal Rosen and her staff completed the interior design for our renovated offices.

All the planning stages were carried out very professionally through listening and responding to the company’s needs.

Michal and her planning team designed comfortable and beautiful offices for us in which she integrated solutions tailored for us such as lamps hanging above the work stations, unique ceilings and special facilities for filtering air because of our proximity to the airport.

Michal and her staff were available all the time for any problem that arose.

I would hereby like to express my satisfaction with the design and service that we received, and we strongly recommend Studio Michal Rosen

Best regards,
Moshe Veroslavski
Managing Directorblockquote_end


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