Important tips for creating appealing hallways

Hallways are not just the company’s “roads.” They are important meeting places for employees, and are a big part of the overall atmosphere of the offices, in which we travel many times each day and they are the first things that people who wander around the offices encounter. How can we design the hallways so that they represent the entire office with dignity?

:Here are 3 tips

  1. Try to design a high-ceiling hallway because it is essentially a relatively narrow open space and the high ceiling gives it volume and airiness.
  2. Use wall lights which light upwards and downwards. The use of wall lighting bathes the walls in light, creating a pleasant return of the light, and the lit-up ceiling creates a lighter feeling. One can also create playful light shapes by using suitable light fixtures.
  3. In a long hallway one should use recurring items such as lighting, columns, color bars, etc. that create rhythm, break up the horizontal line of the hallway and” shorten” it.

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