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Entrance design with biophilic elements

There are so many interior designers, how will you know Studio  Michal Rosen will give the best service and the best design for you?

  1. Specialists in Office Design:

Michal Rosen is an interior designer with a BA in design from Tel Aviv University (studies held at the Holon Institute of Technology). Our customers include leading local companies such as Clalit and Pelephone, and international companies such as Air France, Turkish Airlines, KLM and Broadcom, as well small and medium-sized companies and brand-new start-ups such as WeeSee and Pixie.

The core business of Studio Michal Rosen in the last 17 years has been the interior design of work environments and therefore the design team keeps up to date on the trends and latest technologies in the field and incorporates them into their design of your office. Yes! Even after 23 years of planning, the passion and enthusiasm of Michal and the staff in our studio for creating quality, unique and customized interior design for our client motivates us to keep going.

  1. Modular design tailored just for you:

Whether it is one-time advising for renovating the offices or planning a multi-story office building from the initial structure until occupancy, planning offices or managing a project for construction firms using the turnkey project method, at Studio Michal Rosen you will find an answer and response in each method and scale which is appropriate for you.

  1. Personal Guidance:

Our studio is professional and high-quality. We work on a limited number of projects per year and Michal Rosen guides each project, large or small, personally, participates in and is updated on all phases of planning, choosing finishing materials and supervision, together with interior designer Shira Gordon, Project Director in the Studio. So when you plan your office you can be sure that you will receive the genuinely personal guidance of a professional and experienced veteran.

  1. Synergistic design – Design and brand implementation in one package:

The planning is carried out as a process of teamwork on two levels: marketing and operational. At the marketing level the planning team consists of the Studio team and those within the company who are responsible for the marketing and branding define the values and key messages and usually also the central brand value of the company which will be conveyed through this office design. At the operational level the planning is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the CFOs, Operations and Logistics, and the focus is on the technical requirements for architectural design; For example: number of rooms, number of employees, and size of meeting facilities, as well as the budget, schedules, and other data. The unique and complex process of planning on two levels simultaneously creates synergy and the result is comfortable offices, designed and branded exactly to fit the needs of the company.

  1. How do you know that with us the customer comes first? Case in point:

Our client told us once, at the end of a complex, challenging and successful planning process, “I decided that Michal was able to provide the best answer for planning our offices after being on the Studio’s website and seeing the great diversity of projects – each project looks different and each office has its own style. I realized that I will get exactly the design that is right for us.”
Feel free to browse the galleries of our projects and see for yourself that each office has a unique look and conveys a different message. The multifaceted nature of the designs at our studio stems from the fact that we always put our customer first. Furthermore, the offices that we plan for you will be adapted to your company’s character, its organizational culture and the messages you want to convey. In this way we will create a winning office design for you.

What do our customers say? Come on in and read our customers’ recommendations.

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