Workspace Branding

It is important to note that the branding of a workspace should interest every company today, whether it is a well-known industrial company selling products or a high-tech company providing services.
Try to remember cases in which customers arrived at your office to close a deal and based on the office atmosphere and the non-verbal messages they received through the office design, your smile and the general atmosphere, they decided to employ your services or to use your product.
High-tech company executives are well aware of the fact that in order to keep existing employees from head-hunters and to locate prized workers to produce for them, they must create a supportive work environment and convey messages that allow employees to easily create a connection with and love for the company.
Office design is the representation of what is happening in the company and affects the course of work and the feeling and motivation of the employees daily and all day long. If you can succeed in conveying messages that are important to you through the interior design, that implements the company’s brand values, you can create an emotional connection with employees and customers alike and loyalty to both the company and its values.

Click here to see various office design projects which integrate branding implementation and the values of the company.

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