Offices design for UX firm

עיצוב משרדי הייטק עם תקרה חשופה

Last year we were asked in Michal Rosen Studio to design the new offices of UXpert, a user experience firm. After an intensive brainstorming meeting with UXpert, we came up with the idea of using bare ceilings for the new offices.

The work process of branding sites and creating a user experience is similar in many respects to the architectural design process, so there is a parallel between the exposed ceilings which broadcast a “transparent” design when all the elements that make up the offices are visible and the transparency that characterizes the design work of UXpert.

Another value that the firm wanted to manifest is exceptional and high quality. The message is reflected in the design of the office through the meticulous planning of details. For example The electricity channels’ profile is studded with grooves, which interact with the rough texture of the wall lamps. The yellow fabric ceiling ducts complement the colorful mosaic of the floor at the entrance.

The color scale begins with the subdued entrance and continues with colors bursting forth, as the viewer’s eye wanders into the office space. The entrance area contains flooring of shades of gray and as one nears the conference room, the gray shades are fortified by orange, yellow and burgundy, full of vitality.

Beyond the entrance space, which is also used as a kitchenette and dining area, is the central open workspace, decorated in shades of gray and white with splashes of different hues from colored fabrics.

The customer’s ability to think outside the box and his willingness to be open to innovation and non-standard design has enabled the creation of a unique space and formation of a challenging and enjoyable planning process.



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